We believe in creating magical moments while taking care of our planet.

We offer a range of biodegradable & sustainable confetti options made from natural materials, such as dried petals and leaves. Our confetti is not only good for the environment, but it's also safe for people with allergies & venue friendly. So if you're looking for a unique & eco-friendly way to add some magic to your celebration, choose our confetti.

Confetti Blends

Our Bio-Confetti is the Eco friendly and guilt free choice for wedding... 

Enjoy guilt free fun.

Our Confetti is 100% Natural and Biodegradable, Eco Conscious and Venue Friendly.

  • "Super happy with the purchase, absolutely wonderful flowers they're exactly as pictured. Arrived in two days."

    - Victoria

  • "The blush team was amazing, super fast delivery and beautiful products. The confetti created a perfect photo that captured the fun of our day. Thanks!"

    - Maya

  • "Simply gorgeous confetti! Thank you!"

    - Jennifer

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  • Sustainable Sourced

    We only partner with people who put the earth, and its people first.

  • Eco Friendly

    We strive to significantly reduce waste generation and promote the reuse and recycling of waste products.

  • Handmade

    We employ a hands-on approach to produce unique items for our customers.

  • Compostable & Biodegradable

    Our Confetti is made up of 100% natural and Biodegradeable material .